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Company Agreement

Company Agreement

Receiving Furniture:
* Hours 8:00am to 5:30pm

* T.A.B. Will issue a "Warehouse Report" to the client within 24 hours of receiving the furniture. This report will contain information only from the Bill of Lading and Packing slips shipped with the furniture.

Inspection of received Furniture:

* T.A.B. will open cartons and thoroughly inspect orders (ten) pieces or less.
* Visual inspection of all orders.
Visible damage inspection dictates that no matter how large the order, any carton that is visibly damaged shall be inspected immediately but not necessarily while the carrier is still present.

Damaged Furniture:

* Damages found during inspection of received furniture shall be noted on the "Warehouse Report"
* T.A.B. will also follow up with a phone call to the client informing them of the damages. It is to the client to determine what course of action they would like to take regarding the damaged furniture.
Pickup of Furniture:
* Full delivery price of items.


* First thirty days are free after thirty days monthly storage prices apply.

Carry Up/Down:

* Add 50% of delivery prices per piece, per flight of stairs. Extra heavy pieces may require special pricing.
Overtime Deliveries: (starting after 5:00pm)
* Add 50% of delivery price, per piece.
* Overtime installation charges may apply if required.


* Prices for receiving and delivery of furniture do not include installation, unless otherwise noted. Installation shall be quoted per individual job.

General Conditions


1. Consignee's premises shall be in complete to receive delivery.

2. All Construction work such as painting, carpet installation, service, utilities installation or any other such work, shall be completed so as not to impede the progress of the delivery, prior to the start of the delivery.

3. All passage ways, corridors as well as the area into which furniture is to be delivered must be free and clear of any existing furnishing, construction materials or other such items or debris.

4. Doorways, openings and elevators shall be of sufficient size and carrying capacity to allow for delivery without the need to dismantle, knockdown, hoist or rig.

5. Parking space shall be available for the unloading of delivering vehicle at a point pertinent to the loading platform, service entrance or elevator.

6. Continuous elevator service to and from the loading platform or street level shall be arranged and maintained throughout the delivery period, this without cost or charge to the contractor.

7. Electric current, heat, light and adequate facilities for off-loading, staging, moving and handling of furniture shall be continuously provided throughout the delivery period, these without cost or charge to the contractor.


1. Delivery and installation shall be accomplished during normal (straight time) hours unless otherwise specified by the dealership. In any event we will apply the applicable charges thereto and any cost resulting from additional work or from extra work necessitated by non- 
   compliance with any of the conditions set forth herein (or elsewhere) shall be charged to the customer and will become the responsibility thereof.

2. Delivery and installation shall include the placement of furniture items, with the direction (by single party only).

3. Consignee shall have responsible party present throughout the delivery period for the purpose of inspecting and accepting furniture.

4. Cancellations- if delivery is cancelled 48 hours prior to scheduled loading, no charge for cancellation. If product has been loaded, delivery refused or in transit 100% of delivery charge will be applied.