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Move and Relocation Process

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T.A.B. team of specialist will do an inventory of all the pieces to be moved and the location to be moved to. This way we are able to determine if we are to confront any unforeseen situation and also will allow us to plan on all that is needed to accomplish the task ahead.

Tagging and Labeling

General Information: This information should help you to be better prepared and aid you in making packaging and moving smoother without any inconveniences to your new location.

Department Overseers: We recommend that you have your employees follow these guidelines. Make sure every one of them gets a copy of these procedures. This will enhance and assure that your staff will be settled and working at the new location as planned.

Employees: It is your responsibility to pack your personal items before the move takes place. Adhering to the instructions below will make it easier for you to pack and unpack at your final destination.

Recommended is that you remind your staff to label the things that are most important, such as "Things I'm going to need right away." It will allow us to know that this package should be placed where your particular employee can find it.

1.    Every workstation will be assigned a number that employees are to put on their labels and tags.

2.    Make sure to label all items or it will not be moved until it is or instructed to be by an authorized person directly involved with the move.

3.   It is recommended that you mark labels with a marker. (Do not use pens or pencils and they tend to faint causing confusion and delays of the moving process.

4.    If moving into a multiple floor location, make sure to write the floor number on label where item(s) is (are) to be taken.

5.    Also make sure to mark the order in which you want your files to be placed if you need them in any specific way.

Packing Instruction

Personal Items T.A.B. and its personnel handling your move (relocation) cannot be held responsible for your personal belongings. We recommend that the following items should be pack and taken by the proprietor: Clocks, fountain pens, lighters, money, pictures, radios, palm pilots, etc… 

Desks All small items such as paper clips, staple remover, pencils, pens, loose change and keys place into manila envelopes.

Cartons Are to be assembled. Packed to the top but do not overfill for the box is to close properly. Boxes are to be tagged and marked with location, floor and employee's name.
Bookcases Books are to be removedplaced in boxes properly marked with location number, floor and employee's name.

Office Machines Leave these machines unpacked, as our staff will pay close attention to these items.

Storage or Supply Cabinets All of the items should be properly packed in a box. Make sure to write location number, floor and employee's name. Tape or lock all cabinet doors.

High Lateral Filing Cabinets Empty out only the two top drawers and lock or tape all drawers. Label with location number, floor and employee's name.

Vertical Filing Cabinets These can be move with items inside. Tape or lock drawers. Label with location number, floor and employee's name.

Bulleting Boards, Pictures, Trophies and Maps These items should be boxed and labeled with location number, floor and employee's name. If item is to big to fit in box leave out against wall or furniture and our staff will take care of it.

 Note: Please empty all items containing fluid. Also have in mind that boxes should be able to close flat. Do not overfill them. Place tags on end of boxes so it can be located easier.

Moving Instructions

Employees are expected to pack the contents of his/her desk, workstation or office. If he/she requires assistance for any reason, please contact your moving coordinator.
Personal Property such as clocks, pictures, clothing and plants in your office at the time of the move will be moved at no liability to T.A.B . for damage to or loss of items. Personal items left for us to move is acceptance of risk of loss or damage to such items. You should take valuable personal items of your concern with you prior to the actual move.
PC's and Computer Equipment will be wrapped and put into a proper recipient and taken to the new location so it can be accessible to your employee.

Mover will supply and distribute packing container as required.