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Scheduling of Projects

At T.A.B. our staff realizes that every move and relocation whether local or long distance is unique in itself. That is why not only we have the equipment to handle even your most fragile jobs, but we also have the knowledge, expertise and trained personnel.

Weekly meetings are carried on to determine how to better impact individual projects and how to make them cost effective to our clients.

When a job is at hand, T.A.B.'s executives and project managers will get together with your team and develop an action plan to accomplish several set tasks:

1.    Set moving dates; the different levels of the moves.

2.    Set your moving priorities as to what you need moved first and so on.

3.    Set Labeling process within.

4.    Set up a chain of commands as to who can authorize changes.

5.    Set up a structure of the move itself and how to go about it.

6.    Set out floor plans and hand them to the personnel involved.

7.    Set emergency plans to respond to any situation and immediately take action.

Our professionals survey your existing location as well as the best options for you.

Once responsibilities are delegated, our project manager duties will go into place with the color highlighting of the floor plans. Then, all items are tagged.

T.A.B. is very meticulous when it comes to leaving your location the way it was before we set foot at your door. We accomplish this by protecting your interests following these steps:
Blankets: Placing them on doors and corners.
Door Bucks: Placing them on glass and all other delicate materials.
Koroflex: placing them on walls.
Masonite: To cover flooring.
Tape: Special painter's tape to protect your walls.

Scheduling of Major Projects

Through the course of the year we will process different numbers of large projects most of them at the same time.

Before the start of a relocation job one of our Senior Project Manager is designated to the project from beginning to end.

When a team has been assembled for your project the job will be carried out in a steady and swift way.


T.A.B. Assistance to your Staff of Employees

T.A.B. Will Assist your staff in different ways:

Our Project Manager and his crew will be in frequent contact with your staff.

They will be provided help in respect to the labeling process, packing and unpacking in accordance with the floor plans.